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More than 35 years of metal-working experience

Marco Mulas first showed his passion for this ancient craft in his youth, when at just 14 years of age he began work at the workshop of an Olbiese craftsman, where he spent many years learning the tips and secrets of the art of metal-working. For approximately 20 years since that experience, Marco Mulas has worked in his own personal workshop, where he has refined the quality and the originality of his creations, becoming no longer a simple craftsman but a true metal-working artist, recognized and appreciated by many clients and the best architects and designers of the Emerald Coast.

In particular, the collaboration with one of these professionals, with whom he established a special relationship of trust, allowed him to export all his experience over more than thirty years to many cities of northern Italy and later also abroad, working in far-off countries such as Dubai and Australia.

His skilled hands give form to the most varied artistic creations in iron, steel, brass, copper and bronze that protect, furnish and give a unique touch to every type of dwelling, from the simplest apartment to the most luxurious villas.